KFY 1.06

November 27th, 2014 by Johan
  • Added: Basic offline play. (connecting to local server without logging in)
  • Added: Loading screen. (except on OS X)
  • Added: Subdirectory support for various user data.
  • Added: Editor top menu.
  • Added: Editor map resize functionality.
  • Added: Map script example: Tile Basics
  • Added: Map script example: Moving Tiles
  • Added: Map script example: Tile Text
  • Added: Map script example: Projectiles & Grenades
  • Added: Map: Pile of Sand
  • Added: Map: Chairs
  • Added: Music Track: Nice Time Winning
  • Added: New Lua bindings for kfyMap.
  • Added: New Lua bindings for kfyRound.
  • Added: New Lua bindings for kfyPlayerManager.
  • Added: New Lua bindings for kfyProjectileManager.
  • Added: New Lua bindings for kfyGrenadeManager.
  • Added: New Lua bindings for KfyPlayer.
  • Added: New Lua bindings for KfyProjectile.
  • Added: New Lua bindings for KfyGrenade.
  • Added: Client command-line argument: –editor
  • Added: Client command-line argument: –create-map
  • Added: Client command-line argument: –edit-map [filename]
  • Added: Client command-line argument: –play-offline
  • Added: Client command: respawn
  • Added: Client command: moveto [x] [y]
  • Added: Client command: movetomouse
  • Added: Client command: god
  • Added: Client command: getweapon [id]
  • Added: Client command: getitem [id]
  • Added: Client command: getpu [id]
  • Added: Client command: setpubit [id] [1/0]
  • Added: Client command: getblocks [count=16] [tx=1] [ty=0] [destructible=1]
  • Added: Client/server command: restartmap
  • Added: Client/server command: reloadmaplist
  • Added: Client/server command: reloadmap [filename]
  • Added: Client/server command: reloadmaps
  • Added: Client settings variable: ShowPlayerNames
  • Added: Client settings variable: ChatToConsole
  • Added: Client settings variable: LogToStdOut
  • Added: Client settings variable: LinuxServerTerminalCmd
  • Added: Client settings variable: BkgGradientColorIn
  • Added: Client settings variable: BkgGradientColorOut
  • Added: Client settings variable: BkgGradientNoise
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiLabelColor
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiLabelColorShadow
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiButtonColor
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiButtonColorSelected
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiButtonColorText
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiButtonColorTextSelected
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiCheckBoxColor
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiCheckBoxColorBorder
  • Added: Client settings variable: GuiCheckBoxColorSelected
  • Changed: Merged client and editor applications.
  • Changed: Max map dimension to 2000 tiles.
  • Changed: Editor screen rectangle now scrolls half a screen past border of maps.
  • Changed: Editor screen rectangle now centers on map center on load.
  • Changed: Editor minimap scaling is now more flexible.
  • Changed: Editor minimap selection overlay is no longer visible when map is smaller than screen.
  • Changed: Various shader changes and added some better blur + noise to reduce banding artifacts.
  • Changed: Removed fade-to-black on exit from server to get back to menu/lobby quicker.
  • Changed: Lowered Fredrik stun duration.
  • Changed: Increased rate of fire for Infernus and made its projectiles ignite players on impact.
  • Fixed: Electrooms can no longer do 5 additional damage.
  • Fixed: Minimap refresh on undo/redo in editor.
  • Fixed: Config files can no longer have entries with empty names.
  • Fixed: Billy blood direction.
  • Fixed: Projectile penetration.
  • Fixed: Spreading fire now creates new sound sources correctly.
  • Fixed: Connecting players can now hear burning sound of players who are already ablaze.
  • Fixed: Single weapon sounds can no longer be heard after death.
  • Fixed: Team scores now always show up correctly upon joining a new server.
  • Fixed: Editor minimap no longer detects mouse movement if it wasn’t under the mouse cursor on click.
  • Fixed: Missing config files are now recreated correctly.
  • Fixed: kfyMap:tileGetBounds now works as intended.
  • Fixed: Graphic glitch that could occur when exiting settings screen.
  • Fixed: Screen rectangle is now always set up correctly when joining a server.
  • Fixed: Some problems with mouse activity outside of game window.
  • Fixed: Players no longer appear to be falling briefly when spawning on solid ground.
  • Fixed: Local player spawn flash sprite now has correct orientation close to map edges.

KFY 1.05

August 4th, 2014 by Johan
  • Added client side prediction for local player movement.
  • Added new graphics for various explosions.
  • Added new sound effect for Valkondis detonation.
  • Added VSync checkbox to the settings screen.
  • Added client settings variable: FpsMax (default = 300)
  • Changed (lowered) default server tickrate (PlayerPositionSendInterval) to 15 ms.
  • Changed (removed) recoil for Besco and Infernus.
  • Changed a lot of netcode.

KFY 1.04

July 9th, 2014 by Johan
  • Added basic scripting support for maps, using Lua, allowing for more dynamic tile behaviour and more. Further information is available in Documentation/Lua.txt.
  • Added visual overlay for damaged tiles.
  • Added music track: Korvspad
  • Added music track: Prutt’s Night Out
  • Added client command: addvar
  • Added client command: reloadmapscript
  • Added client command: clearbans
  • Added server command: reloadmapscript
  • Added server command: clearbans
  • Added client/editor variables for GUI color values.
  • Added client variable: DebugShowPlayerPos
  • Added client variable: DebugShowPlayerServerPos
  • Added client variable: DebugShowMapOverlay
  • Added ability to change tile in tileset with numpad keys in the editor app.
  • Added ability to sample tileset coords with MMB in the editor app.
  • Changed so that the look direction of the local player is updated locally.
  • Changed so that ladders are always considered to be part of the middle layer.
  • Changed (increased) player base acceleration.
  • Fixed a lot of issues with integrated Intel GPUs on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause lag when transferring files to the client with large files or low bandwidth.
  • Fixed a bug where the key bindings window could become displaced after switching screen resolution.
  • Fixed a bug where the look direction of a player could be incorrect when mouse cursor was outside of the game window.
  • Fixed a bug where the screen rectangle would not be reset properly on respawn.
  • Fixed a bug that made it easy to accidentally draw tiles after closing a GUI window in the editor app.

KFY 1.03

June 15th, 2014 by Johan
  • Added music track: Atlas Anthem
  • Added client resolution: 1920×1200
  • Added compression for map tiles.
  • Added mouse wheel support for the in-game chat box and the game console.
  • Added key bindings for toggling and navigating the game console.
  • Added key bindings for custom (12) custom macros.
  • Added key binding for Build Mode (hold).
  • Added ability to execute multiple commands in sequence by using ‘;’ as a delimiter.
  • Added client command: showconsole
  • Added client command: hideconsole
  • Added client command: quack
  • Added server settings variable: PlayerSpawnProtectDuration (default = 5.0)
  • Added server settings variable: PlayerStartHealth (default = 100)
  • Added server settings variable: PlayerStartSauce (default = 100)
  • Added server settings variable: ChatSpamProtect (default = TRUE)
  • Added server settings variable: ChatSpamProtectCount (default = 4)
  • Added server settings variable: ChatSpamProtectDuration (default = 2.0)
  • Added server settings variable: ChatSpamProtectMuteDuration (default = 6.0)
  • Changed so that there is a delay for switching teams and a player is killed if it is already spawned.
  • Changed so that the offset for the in-game chat box is only reset on new messages if it is already at the bottom.
  • Changed the way various GUI elements are drawn.
  • Changed so that debug output is not added to the message feed.
  • Changed so that the game console always covers the entire screen.
  • Changed so that initiating a stomp does not remove spawn protection.
  • Fixed a bug that counted time spectating as time alive.
  • Fixed a bug that could render the client app unresponsive after a failed/interrupted connection attempt.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tiles to be places on F spawners in non-CTF games.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes start the client round timer with an incorrect time value.
  • Fixed various minor graphical glitches in the editor app.

For Existing KFY Users

May 30th, 2014 by Johan

Kill Fun Yeah will very soon have its long awaited launch on Steam.
As promised everyone who has already bought the game will receive keys for unlocking the game on Steam.
To get your key, simply follow the “Get Steam Key” link in the members area.

Most of the KFY hats unlocks achievements on Steam.
To get one for each eligible hat that you already own, simply enter the Player Setup screen from the game lobby.

We would like to thank you for your support up until this point, and wish you lots of fun for the times ahead!

KFY 1.02

May 26th, 2014 by Johan
  • Added ability to browse previously sent console commands using the arrow keys.
  • Added client command: /say
  • Added client command: /tsay
  • Added client settings variable: WindowsCrashDump (default = TRUE)
  • Changed so that all console input is treated as commands by default.
  • Changed so that a player does not show as typing to others while entering console commands.
  • Changed game server output to be less cluttered.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the lobby chat box to stay selected if activated right before entering a game server.
  • Fixed a GUI-related bug that could cause the client to crash under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems on removal of players on disconnect.

KFY 1.01

May 22nd, 2014 by Johan
  • Added more resolutions up to 1920×1080 for the game client.
  • Added client command: /reloadvars
  • Added client command: /listvars
  • Added client command: /getvar [name]
  • Added client command: /setvar [name] [value]
  • Added client settings variable: HideSpectateOverlay (default = FALSE)
  • Added client/editor settings variable: MaxFeedLines (default = 5)
  • Changed so that the mouse cursor is unlocked while viewing the ESC screen.
  • Changed so that command list (/help) is displayed in the console rather than in the chat box.
  • Changed color alpha of the game console.
  • Changed so that a player dies when becoming a spectator while spawned.
  • Changed (removed) delay for placing tiles.
  • Changed (lowered) delay for tapping tiles.
  • Changed so that maps with smaller dimensions than the screen are centered
  • Fixed a bug where players would not get a response from game servers unable to authorize with the master server.
  • Fixed a bug where game servers could stop trying to re-register with the master server after losing their connection.
  • Fixed a bug that could make the music volume incorrect.
  • Fixed so that the screen is properly being cleared when joining between rounds.
  • Fixed end-of-round effect to look as it should when spectating.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Wings of Flight from animating.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player spawn flash effect to appear at multiple locations on the map at once.
  • Fixed various bugs that would occur while editing a map with dimensions smaller than the screen resolution.
  • Fixed so that the scoreboard always fits on the screen.
  • Fixed so that the Beta Hat does not flip.

KFY 1.0

May 17th, 2014 by Johan

Some of what is new in this release:

  • Added full Linux build of the game (64 bit).
  • Added the ability to set common key bindings in the Settings menu.
  • Added more blood (default setting).
  • Added the ability to set level of blood (or turn it off) in the Settings menu.
  • Added additional sound effects for some of the gorier deaths.
  • Added hat: Beta Hat
  • Added colored borders to flag icons in the Editor application to make them more intuitive.
  • Changed so that the Settings menu is available from within all game states.
  • Changed the way tiles and particles are drawn to be less time consuming.
  • Changed various things related to the GUI system to make it more responsive.
  • Changed announcer sounds.
  • Changed menu graphics.
  • Changed so that no console messages are added on F pickup/drop to avoid possible deliberate spamming.
  • Changed (lowered) the volume of some music tracks.
  • Fixed a full screen effect that wasn’t working properly on some AMD cards.
  • Fixed full screen effects that were problematic on some GPUs.
  • Fixed a typo in a hat description.
  • Fixed a bug where the player spawn flash effect would have an incorrect orientation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain empty particle systems from being destroyed.
  • Fixed various bugs relating to players spectating.
  • Fixed a bug that could make the game slow down when the console got flooded with a large number of messages.
  • Fixed a bug where at some times players who had lost their connection would linger.
  • Fixed a few broken URLs in the game client.

Kill Fun Yeah got Greenlit!

April 29th, 2014 by Waltrus


We put Kill Fun Yeah on Steam Greenlight the day Steam launched it and today KFY got greenlit! Better late than never! ‘This is truly amazing news, we are currently figuring out how to proceed from here. All I can tell you right now is that we’re excited and that you should be as well! A very special thanks to our small but nice community.

Thank you for your support!

Beta 0.40

July 12th, 2013 by Johan

Some of what is new in this release:

  • Added ability to spectate matches (accessible from the scoreboard).
  • Added visual indicator for when a player is typing.
  • Changed reload speed and stun duration for Zapper.
  • Changed so that deflect explosions do no damage but have increased force and radius.
  • Changed x-position for where billy rockets spawn.
  • Fixed full screen effects that were problematic on some GPUs.
  • Fixed a problem related to blood pixels making tiles flicker with OSX + Intel GPU.
  • Fixed a minor particle system memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to play certain music tracks at below 20% volume.